hearts – modularity



1) needs and additional value: the balloon is aiming to be playful and fun but as well as esthetic to contribute to a solemn ambience. different users will have different themes and different tastes, therefore they could be able to adjust the shape, print and overall character of the balloon to there needs

2) the customization could happen at both production level and usage level

3) in order to realize customization I would offer a web drawing tool to design 2D balloon shape, print or wing shape during the ordering process. The shapes will be constraint to few parameters such as size, distance, etc. Or much simpler the user could choose from a set of predefined shapes and combinations. The customization will effect the production process and especially for the wing and balloon shape.

3) the product has 5-7 functional components.


since my focus at the moment is not to create a customizable production I modeled the remote controller case instead. It is important for me for later iteration to have a parametric model since the size the case depends on the parts inside.

Laser Cutter

Liaison Graph

orange – key characteristic

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