Remotables by Roy Shilkrot

Remotables are remote-controllable devices for home automation, that are intended to be used on existing infrastructure. Simply put, they are remote actuators that you can put on anything you can operate with your finger.

To me, working on the Remotables has been a journey of exploration, discovery, and enlightenment. Yes, enlightenment. I learned a whole lot, from immensely talented people, on how to bring my ideas to life.

Here it is working:


Code: RemotablesCode-ATTiny88

Weekly Assignments

Assignment #10: continue working.

Assignment #9: continue development.

Assignment #8: circuit board.

Assignment #7: production plan.

Assignment #6: midterm.

Assignment #5: assemblies and customization.

Assignment #4: modeling.

Assignment #3: electronic prototype.

Assignment #2: reverse engineering.

Assignment #1: product sketch.

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