Chibicopter! by Charles Guan

Chibicopter is an ultra-small quadrotor (quadcopter) using 2.5″ propellers and 2 gram brushless electric motors. It uses a 1-piece 3D-printed airframe (made through Shapeways) with a single PCB onto which the four motor control modules, 9-DOF inertial measurement unit, and XBee radio are mounted. The XBee functions both as the control input device as well as programmer when the Arduino bootloader is burned onto the onboard ATMega328 microcontroller – still having trouble with that last part! Chibicopter is one of the smallest quadrotors in existence – there have only been two confirmed lighter and smaller designs (1) (2)

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Weekly Assignments

Assignment #9: continue development.

Assignment #8: circuit board.

Assignment #7: production plan.

Assignment #6: midterm.

Assignment #5: assemblies and customization.

Assignment #4: modeling.

Assignment #3: electronic prototype.

Assignment #1: product sketch.

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