Vera by Sarah Hirschman

Birth control pills are often identified by female names, as though they’re your fun girlfriends. There’s Yasmin, Yaz, Camilla, Portia, and I’m sure a lot more I don’t know about. This is Vera, your less fun, more pragmatic friend. She attaches to your birth control blister pack and lights up every 24 hours to remind you when it’s time to take your pill. Vera doesn’t make any noise, she has no bells or whistles, she’s easy to use and very discreet.

What follows is a rundown of the process I took this semester from “conception” to prototyping for the final review.

Weekly Assignments

Assignment #11: last class.

Assignment #9: continue development.

Assignment #8: circuit board.

Assignment #9: continue development.


Assignment #7: production plan.

Assignment #6: midterm.

Assignment #4: modeling.

Assignment #3: electronic prototype.

Assignment #2: reverse engineering.

Assignment #1: product sketch.

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