This is how I feel about this assignment:

Guiding Decisions

Target Users/Market


How many units?


How will the product be packaged/delivered?

Consumer will get a kit to assemble the servo, PCB (stuffed), battery, different “legs” that attach to the servo for several options for delivering the pressing motion, and scotch/sticky/velcro tape.
The users will build their own casing to fit their needs, and an online repository of blueprints for standard switches will be provided for them, as well as generic “building blocks” that fit the provided components.
They can lasercut (via Ponoko or somewhere else) or simply construct the casing on their own, fit the components inside, and fit it to the wall/switch.
I am considering also to pack a sample construction kit for a simple switch with the bundle, so users can already get started and fit the Remotable on the wall. At this moment I am thinking this whole kit will be lasercut and not 3D printed, costs are far lower.
Remotes (think TV remote) are assumed to be available in every home, so a remote will not be supplied.

Cost Estimate

Costs (PDF)

Upfront investment: ~$3,100
Per-unit cost: ~$50
Suggested retail price: $150 (cost-per x 3)
Total capital required: $5,000 (incl. worker wage)

Time to market: 3 months
Per-unit assembly times: 0.5 hours for testing unit and putting all things in the package.
Total labor required: 100 hours testing, assembly, packaging, labeling with shipping info, inventory management and overhead.
Note: Labor costs were calculated according to:
Note 2: I went complete white-collar on this and assumed I will not do any dirty work, except order stuff online (and I am generous by doing that as it is!)

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