PillLight Production Plan


Because I’m thinking of this PillLight (I need a better name – suggestions appreciated!) as a kind of fashiony accessory rather than a mass-produced hyper-efficient product, I’m stretching margins a bit in imagining the production plan. (also I know there is much more work to do with exact quotes of prices for each of these elements and margin calculation)


# of units: 100


-circuit board pre-stuffed with LED, resistor, button, ATTINY, Programming Header, Battery Holder [produced and stuffed: $4 (estimate!)] lead time – 1 week.

-case: 3d printed – ponoko or shapeways : $10 (estimate!) lead time – 2 weeks

-battery : $0.50, lead time – n/a (pre-order or can not include) (possible issue with shipping batteries – would like my users to receive in-box, but may be prohibitive according to packaging/sending regulations)

-packaging: letterpressed self-fold box with instructions, logo, etc. Incl. labor, plates, paper, and press rental time for first run = $100 [=$1/ea] (significantly reduced for further runs because of up-front plate production costs) (to be designed/printed by me) – secured with perforated wafer sticker ($0.04)

Total per object for first run of 100: $15.54.

Total up-front cost for first run of 100: $1554.00

Suggested retail cost: $35 – $50 (depending on material… )

Time to market, once design and component set-up and programming is set: 3 weeks.


Production Narrative:

1. I order the case from online 3d printing vendor

2. I order the stuffed circuit board from online pcb manufacturer

3. Establish workspace with hot glue (for securing pcb inside case), programming each pcb, testing, packaging.

4. Assemble individual objects in phases (all pcb programming/testing, all hot-glue securing, all package box folding, etc.)


Punch List:

1. finish PCB design asap + order small number of samples to test (need help finishing pcb design!)

2. finish programming! test and debug to ensure 24 hour cycle and workarounds (need help with this too!)

3. finish final prototypical case design + order small number of samples to test (based on PCB package parameters to ensure fit within case)

4. design packaging and print it (including insert “sample” blister pack)

5. order other bits and pieces – perforated wafer stickers, tissue paper for packaging, etc.

6. assemble – for final I hope to have 5 working prototypes perhaps testing various designs of case. 

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