Bijoux is a modular kit to for personalized jewelry that is responsive to people and the environment.

Each bijoux will have a special asset:

Light Sensitive – Responds to environmental lighting conditions
Sound Sensitive – Responds to environmental sound conditions
Proximity – Responds to other people
Pressure Sensitive – Responds to touch
Temperature Sensitive – Responds to users’ body and ambient temperature

Battery – Power Module


The target group is for technology/design oriented people, all ages – more focused towards females.

I would like to approach this as a Kickstarter project.  Depending on the donation made, the donor will receive:

Belt: 22 (3 of each type, 7 random) bijoux + 3 battery modules
Necklace: 15 bijoux (3 of each type) + 2  battery modules (Approximate Cost: $186.96 – without price break for 1,000 units)
Bracelet:  7 bijoux (1 of each type, 2 random) + 1 battery module

The ideal first production run would be for 1,000 bijoux units (67 Necklaces or 46 Belts or 143 Bracelets), as it is at about the 1,000 mark where you get the largest price breakdown.


Hybrid Approach:

  1. The circuit boards and components will be premade and soldered.
  2. The exterior enclosure will be 3D printed (this may change).
  3. Assembly of each bijoux will be done in house (me).  This will be a low maintenance process: Set preassembled circuit board and components onto bottom of enclosure with adhesive, Add magnets, Snap close enclosure
  4. Design of packaging will be done in house (me).
  5. Production of packaging/instructions will be done by contract.
  6. Packaging and shipment will be done in house (me).
  7. Assembly of bijoux system will be customized by the user.

My needs/overhead:

Small tools such as screwdriver and tweezers
Print/packaging collateral
Shipping service


Further Work on Project:


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