Xiao Xiao

This week I made another physical prototype of the shoe, this time paying attention to the shape of parts and how they come together.

Originally, I intended the white parts to be 3d printed using SLS Nylon-12, so I modeled the whole thing using white sculpey. After finishing the model, I thought the bottom curve would look much better in black, so I went in with a marker (only on one edge to test). In the actual thing, I’ll probably end up painting it the whole bottom curve.

The white part comes in 2 pieces that can open up to fit electronics. I’ll need to figure out another material to stuff in there so that it would be structural when I step on it.

Right now the uppers are made of felt. They’re taped inside for now, but I will glue them for the final version. I’ll also figure out better shapes for them.

I can actually wear this shoe (and even step on it with all my weight). I didn’t walk around in it because too many parts are taped in.

Stepping on it to depress the clicker

Top view.

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