Chibicopter is a really small quadrotor (quadcopter or quadrocopter), measuring only 6.4″ across propeller tips. It is an attempt to create a functional, stable quadrotor using the smallest inexpensive common R/C hobby parts available. Smaller quadrotors already exist, but they use specialized or ultra-miniature parts which are much more expensive.

Chibicopter will use a single main PCB with embedded ATMega328 running Arduino and four embedded motor control modules, with two components attached via headers. A Pololu MiniIMU will be used to sense the attitude of the airframe, and an XBee module will be used for communication and interface.

The airframe will be 100% 3D printed using either conventional FDM technology with ABS material or SLS technology using Nylon. The projected airframe weight is only 7 grams.

The flight control software for Chibicopter will be based off custom quadrotor control code written for its larger relative Tinycopter.

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