Crowded Head (EEG headset) by Arlene Ducao


My head is crowded much of the time, and now I’m developing a headset to measure the activity of those crowded innards! The Crowded Head(set) provides input for a software/video installation in the BT Lab (E14-348) of the Media Lab. I won’t discuss the installation here, as it changes often and is outside the class scope. In the DIY Manufacturing class, I focused on ways to make the headset comfortable, attractive, and visually meaningful as an object and in relation to the video. I will continue to work on this, and a more compact circuit, beyond the class’s end!


Weekly Assignments

Assignment #9: continue development.

Assignment #8: circuit board.

Assignment #7: production plan.

Assignment #6: midterm.

Assignment #5: assemblies and customization.

Assignment #4: modeling.

Assignment #3: electronic prototype.

Assignment #2: reverse engineering.

Assignment #1: product sketch.

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