I’ve stitched together a couple of ideas. None of them, I think, encapsulates all of what I would like to try for. I was doing a lot of hard-thinking, drinking, etc., hoping for a Don Draper-esque moment of inspiration, but alas, I was not dressed for it. Some touchstones:

  • utility
  • amusement
  • extensibility
  • reproducibility
  • use a novel sensor
  • cheap
  • people might want such a thing


Simple, clean kitchen or mail scale. Set to one weight and repeatedly weighs it. This project would emphasize more the consumer product elements of DIY manufacture, and less the fun “make something amusing” part, but such is what it is.
Scan 2

Mega Bike Turn Signals + Brake Light

‘Tis what it says. Turn signals and a brake light. Might be neat to come up with a whole bike-mounted sensor stack, but it’s hard to conceive of things that are not made redundant by a handlebar-mounted smart phone. GPS, odometer, accelerometer, etc.

Scan 1

Phone Clobbering Mega-Cube

A shielded boxin which you deposit your phone, smashing its reception and giving you some freedom. Variant includes timer and lock, so you cannot succumb to your base desires for connectivity.


Detail of top, showing potential lock, countdown timer, etc.


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