Assignment #1: product sketch.

Decide what product you want to make and design it on paper, sketching the form, interface, functionality, and construction. You’ll present these in the first half of next week’s class and they’ll form the basis for the rest of your work over the course of the semester. If you already have someone in mind that you’d like to work with, please complete this assignment with them. If not, you can try to pair up with someone after seeing their sketches in class.

Due: Thursday, February 16, 2012 for class.

Cotton Super Man by Lucy Wang

hearts by Nan Zhao


xxShoes by Xiao Xiao

Three Directions... by Sarah Hirschman

Chibicopter by Charles Guan

Remotables by Roy Shilkrot

Self Documenting Construction Kit by

Bijoux by Jennifer Broutin

Liu - 2x4 Lamp by arthur liu

Solar Masonry Unit by Alexander Keller

Headhat: A DIY EEG Wearable by Arlene Ducao

GloBud (Nadia) by Nadia Cheng

Marble Machine Interactive Kinetic Sculpture OR The Knowledge Amulet by Shaun Salzberg