Assignment #2: reverse engineering.

For this assignment, reverse engineer an existing electronic device, preferably similar to the one you’re planning to produce.

  1. List each part in the product, identifying its function within the device.
    • For standard (off-the-shelf) components, estimate the cost and identify a possible supplier.
    • For custom parts (i.e. those made specifically for the device), identify the likely manufacturing process.
  2. Photograph and label the parts.
  3. Enumerate a probable assembly sequence for the device. For each step, identify the likely method of assembly (e.g. manual labor or type of automated process) and any fasteners, jigs, or other physical aids used.

Post your assignment as a page on the website, with this page as the parent.

hearts - taking apart the airswimmer by Nan Zhao

Tamaguchi by Roy Shilkrot

Blooming Expression - Hallmark by Lucy Wang

Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrer / IKA C-Mag HS 7 by Sam Jacoby

Solar-powered flapping toy by Nadia Cheng

Thursday / Night Lights by Sarah Hirschman

PlantSMART by Jennifer Broutin

EEG Toys by Arlene Ducao

Light up shoes by Xiao Xiao

d.light Solar Charger by Alexander Keller

Ikea LED Lamp by arthur liu

Floating Duck Radio Pool Toy by Shaun Salzberg