Bijoux Circuit Prototype


This week I considered some of the elements I wanted to include in the project.  I am still thinking about how this could be implemented with the parts in tandem.

Some of the sensors I am looking at:

  • Thermistor
  • Phototransistor
  • Pressure
  • Bend

Some of the outputs I am considering:

  • RGB LED’s
  • Two color LED blocks
  • Small vibration motors
  • buzzer

After much consideration I am thinking that I will use different sensors with a similar output – likely LED’s.  This is because I am trying convey the information of the sensors in an elegant way, that is clear and minimal.  What I would like is if the modular components could be linked to one another to form new and more dynamic interactions.  This will likely mean that each sensor type will need to be shown or amplified in a different way through the light of the LED, and then have the ability to change in combination with one another.

Below are the attempts at working with both the thermistor and the phototransistor with one LED block that has two colors that can be triggered independently or at the same time.

Phototransistor and ouput numbering.

Thermistor and output numbering.

Thermistor and Phototransistor simultaneously in action.

Some experiments with cut/colored acetate with circuit line tests - copper tape and silver pen

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