Chibicopter’s airframe


The frame for Chibicopter was optimized a little more to remove some material, but Shapeways’ minimum wall thickness requirement defeated some of those changes.  The “arm” airfoil cross section was reduced in thickness some. The final weight is still about 7 grams.

Shapeways part:

The material is a little more flexible than I thought, so the frame easily bows by hand (though this is not a very indicative test of its aerodynamic behavior). Once the internal PCB is in, it will be somewhat more stiff.

Speaking of the PCB, I also received the Pololu miniIMU (still waiting on Hobbyking order for motors and controllers), so now I have enough information to lay out the 1.25″ square control board and send it out for fab soon.

(May update this page by Thurs. to reflect the board designs)

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