Assignment #9: continue development.

This week, continue the development of your product. Address your primary challenge(s), leaving aside secondary issues for now. (Better to end up with a less-functional but finished design than an incomplete one with more parts.)

Next week, you’ll be working together in small groups, both within class and outside of it. Be ready to share your current status with your classmates and have ideas for what you’d like help with. Post any relevant materials in a sub-page of this page before class.

Assignment 9: Interim Design for Crowded Head (EEG) by Arlene Ducao

Vera Packaging by Sarah Hirschman

Chibicopter is pretty much done (5/17) by Charles Guan

Bijoux by Jennifer Broutin

Remotables by Roy Shilkrot

Blink Blink by Sam Jacoby

GloBud by Nadia Cheng

Vera Development by Sarah Hirschman

Solar Masonry Unit by Alexander Keller

éclat by Xiao Xiao

quarkz by Shaun Salzberg