Vera Development


OK – in summary, the graphic identity has been occupying me over the past couple weeks, as the electronics, however much I seem to understand when things are explained to me, remain completely impenetrable.

After what I thought was a heroic effort and SO much help from David and Nanwei, I sent my files off to Advanced Circuits, where I spoke to no fewer than three people who assured me they’d make it work… and now, as of this morning… nothing’s working… My files are messed up or I didn’t include the proper things in the NC Drill file or something… TBD on the circuit board business.

SO – meanwhile, there have been some logo/packaging developments, most notably the simplifying of the wording and logo elements. Rather than a fusty retro logo, I’m going with just the word and some description, with a blind embossed pattern reminiscent of a blister pack in the background…

I’ll walk you through the process…


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