The Blooming Expression by Lucy Wang

Blooming Expression is a mechanical flower that end user can easily put together. Different from most of the mechanical flower out there, this flower aim to provide two unique features.

EASY D.I.Y. and Customization
The design can be easily put together by hand using pieces laser cut from single piece of plastic sheet.

The design provide a feasible mechanism of a flower with petals that bloom and close. Customers can easily modify the design of the material/shape/color of body or petals for different theme by choosing different material to laser cut.













a Little bit more of “Blooming” Sense
The design has multiple layers of petals which will open and close at different time which resemble the real flower blooming. This is one of the most design challenge on how to achieve this using one servo motor.


Previous Designs


Initial Design

Production Plan

BOM: Total Cost per Unit = 15 Dollars

Electronic: $8
Customize PCB: 4.3 dollars ( 3 dollars in Quantity of 100)
Mini Servo: 3.45 dollars from Amazon

Non Electronic: $7- $10
Plastic and Acrylics: $6 – $9 from Altec
3 Metal Ring 2′ : $0.75  from Amazon (0.25 each)
Packeting ( Bubble Mailer) : $0.10

Go-To-Market Strategy

1. Selling Electronics (PCB + Servo + Instructions) with free laser cut plan on Ponoko  $29
User Assemble time: approx 1 hour. lead time 1 week.
Pros: More selection of materials, customization of the plan.
Cons: Extra Shipping cost, need to trail and error with the material to snap fit (otherwise, super glue is your best friend)

2. Selling the kit with precut pieces (various design themes) and electronics $49-59, Plan to sell 50 units, order material from Altec and laser cut in the Lab.
Pros: Easy one stop shop, make sure everything fits.
Cons: Less selection of material, no customization

Finance: 15*20= 300 dollars to see the market response.








Weekly Assignments

Assignment #6: midterm.

Assignment #5: assemblies and customization.

Assignment #4: modeling.

Assignment #3: electronic prototype.

Assignment #2: reverse engineering.

Assignment #1: product sketch.

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