Assignment #3: electronic prototype.

For next week, build a functional electronic prototype of your project. It should behave in the way you’d like your final product to, which may require construction of essential mechanical elements as well. That is, you want to make something that allows you check, for example, whether the sensors you’re using can measure what you need them to and that the actuators can affect the world in the way you want. This prototype should allow you to evaluate the technical feasibility and interaction design of the product.

It’s fine to use things like Arduino boards or SparkFun modules. We’ll be doing custom PCB designs after the mid-term. But, remember, you’re trying to evaluate the feasibility of an eventual product, not just build a one-off. Keep in mind things like the total cost of the components you’re using, the power source you’ll need to use, the way you put things together, etc.

Please note that ordering components will take time. You should whatever you need on Friday, and even then they may not arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday, which doesn’t leave much time for prototyping.

Blooming Expression by Lucy Wang

Remotable v0.1 by Roy Shilkrot

LED test by arthur liu

Lamp and Pill Lights by Sarah Hirschman

Bike Signals OF THE FUTURE by Sam Jacoby

Integrating sensors into flexible flower by Nadia Cheng

hearts - prototype by Nan Zhao

ChillBox: A Brain-Controlled 3D Animation by Arlene Ducao

Tinycopter, the Predecessor of Chibicopter by Charles Guan

Knowledge Amulet Prototype by Shaun Salzberg

Solar USB Charger by Alexander Keller

Bijoux Circuit Prototype by Jennifer Broutin

Piezo-Powered Self-Lighting Circuit by Xiao Xiao