Assignment #4: modeling.

For the fourth assignment you will have two tasks – but you can join them together.

The first task is to create the first model of your object. Choose the highest priority, and create a model (CAD or physical mockup) that implements a satisfying solution to this requirement. Choose your method of implementation in respect to your goal. For example, if your important goal is to make a challenging mechanism, your model need to face that and you need to be able to explain how it can be fabricated. However, if your important design goal is aesthetic one, you should focus on visualization when creating your virtual model.

The second task is to use your favorite CAD tool to model yours – or a colleague’s – project.

As we mentioned, feel free to combine the two tasks together. However, if you prefer not to use CAD in your first modeling task, you will still need to do the CAD exercise.

Due: Thursday, March 8, 2012 for class.

Flower in Rhino by Lucy Wang

Acorn*? (*name tbd) by Sarah Hirschman

Piezo shoe by Xiao Xiao

Solar Masonry Unit by Alexander Keller

Remotable by Roy Shilkrot

Bijoux_4 by Jennifer Broutin

hearts - design experiment by Nan Zhao

GloBud by Nadia Cheng

2x4 Lamp by arthur liu

Chibicopter's airframe by Charles Guan


Crowded Head Case (EEG) by Arlene Ducao (AKA The Knowledge Amulet) by Shaun Salzberg