d.light Solar Charger


d. light Solar Charger

Product Parts

Solar Charger / Lantern

  •     Plastic shell (two halves injection molded)
  •     8 inch nylon strap ($0.18 – Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  •     Plastic indicator button (battery level indicator – injection molded)
  •     4x 1/2 inch metal Phillips screws ($0.04 – Home Depot)
  •     4x 1/4 inch metal Phillips screws ($0.04 – Home Depot)
  •     LED point light with reflector and case ($6.00 – Home Depot)
  •     Printed Circuit Board
  •     3x NI-MH Batteries ($10.00 – Radio Shack)

Solar Panel

  •     6×4 inch aluminum frame ($5.00 – Michaels)
  •     6×4 inch glass panel ($2.00 – Michaels)
  •     5½x3 inch 1.3W polycrystalline solar cell ($5.00)
  •     Solar DC adapter ($4.00)


  •     4x cell phone and USB adapters ($5.00 – Radio Shack)

Product Photographs


Assembly Sequence

1) Injection mold two-piece plastic shell (automated).
2) Print circuit board (automated).
3) Connect circuit board to NI-MH battery set (manual).
4) Connect circuit board to LED + reflector (manual).
5) Place battery level indicator button into socket in shell (manual).
6) Screw circuit board into shell using 1/4 inch screws (manual).
7) Slide LED + reflector into one half of shell (manual).
8) Slide nylon strap into groove on one half of shell (manual).
9) Connect two halves of plastic frame together using 1/2 inch screws (manual)
10) Solder and string 11 solar cells together (automated).
11) Laminate solar cells onto 6×4 inch piece of foam board (automated).
12) Place 6×4 inch piece of glass into aluminum frame (manual).
13) Place laminated solar assembly on top of glass (manual).
14) Place wired backing on top of solar assembly with caulk (manual).


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